With the intent to make your child feel comfortable, our dentists offer complete pediatric dental services from early childhood through teen years. Right from the welcoming environment to the gentle touch, every experience is positive and fun for your little one. We offer an atmosphere that is friendly and supportive. Whether it’s your child’s first visit or a routine checkup, we ensure to offer a comfortable environment both for the parents and patients. We also take time to speak with parents and help them understand their child’s needs.

At Huffman Pediatric Dentistry, we preserve and take control of dental health with confidence. From cleanings, sealants and fluoride treatments to tooth extraction, we pride ourselves on practicing the highest quality dentistry for kids and young adults.

Some of the dental procedures we offer include:

Tooth Extractions

If your child requires a tooth extraction, let our pediatric dentist at Huffman help. We can set up an appointment today. Our pain-free restoration techniques are meant for those kids who have a tough time relaxing during the treatment.

Composite Dental Fillings

The latest advancement in dental industry has helped our dentists to offer composite fillings. They not only help restore the tooth’s health but also maintains the natural smile.


Our recommendations will be specific to your child’s needs. After examining your oral health, our pediatric dentist will discuss the sedation options to determine the best one for your child. Our approach is to use the most secure treatment option. With this option, your child will be treated with in-office anesthesia. Similarly, oral sedation is achieved by using prescription sedatives that are given at our office based on your child’s dental history, age and weight. Oral sedation is ideal for patients with moderate anxiety, significant restorative needs and inability to sit still for their treatment.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by the sugar or leftover in your mouth. Kids are at a higher risk of tooth decay, however, with proper brushing and flossing combined with regular dentist visits, you can keep your child’s teeth healthy.


If your child is nervous about sealants, we can help. We will do our best to make young patients feel just like home. Your child’s teeth will be cleaned thoroughly and an acidic solution is then applied back to the teeth to help the sealant stick better. The sealant will then be brushed carefully and toughened.

We will rediscover your kid’s experience every time they visit our office. Schedule an appointment today with us and start taking care of your child’s oral health in an inviting environment.