You are sitting on the dental chair with your mouth open and the the drilling machine yells at your mouth! You know how dreadful that noise sounds, right? Everybody feels the same horror when they face it. A lot of people are familiar with the whole procedure and the pain it involves. They know the whole drill which comprises a couple of tests and some appointments. Sedation dentistry which is sometimes referred to as “Sleep Dentistry” helps soothe patients’ nerves on the dental chair through medication. Infact, Sedation Dentistry is a common process which is availed by many individuals, and it is said that it helps to control the fright of many patients while they undergo the relevant dental procedures.

While it is pretty clear that the process the teeth are staved off the infections and other such issues, you might still have a few questions about dental X-rays.
We have created a list of questions that most patients have in their minds and tried to address them with relevant answers:-

Question 1: Will I still feel any pain?
Answer 1: The dentists put a local anesthetic that numbs down the pain, and the dental sedative will eventually lessens your awareness level such that you feel a lower amount of pain during the dental procedure.

Question 2: How frequently should I get the X-rays done?
Answer 2: This entirely depends on the particular patient and on the dental office. While some patients need these X-rays annually, others might require them every six months and might even require them even more often. It depends entirely on what the condition is of the dental problem of the patient. Dentists should carefully analyse the advantages that it has to offer and also the potential risks, if any. This is dependent upon the tests and the courses of the treatments that are recommended for a particular patient.

Question 3: Should I worry about the radiation involved?
Answer 3: This has always been a concern for a lot of patients as scientific research has proved the involvement of radiation in such a procedure. The amount of radiation that is involved in dental x-rays is minimised and the patients are given all the possible protection layers which also includes an apron made out of lead linen to cover the portions of the body that could be exposed to the harmful rays. In addition to this, the patients are exposed to the X-rays only when it is compulsory so as to avoid unnecessary risk.

Question 4: Would I be put to sleep?
Answer 4: No, sedation dentistry does not allow the individual to go in their subconscious mind. You will be awake the whole time and would be able to speak or show your emotions. However, your mind will be less active and your subconscious mind will be less-responsive. It just leads you to unwind and be at ease.

Question 5: Are there any side effects of the sedative medication?
Answer 5: Though, one needs to be cautious while using any medicines on the body, there are hardly any unpleasant side effects of sedative medication such as a sense of amnesia. However, some people might have unpleasant side effects such as hiccups with oral sedation, nausea with nitrous oxide, and other little unusual and unpleasant side effects.

Sedative medication may lead to more effects as time goes by and hours pass in a snap. The patient might experience a sensation of pain or discomfort but overall it creates a sense of relaxation.

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