When you talk about dentistry, you think about your family dental office where you go often for teeth cleanings and checkups. But the profession grows to a greater extent than this and your general dentist is only a single speciality in this industry. There are other types of dentists as well.

Types of Dentists
There are numerous different types of dentists, each of whom expertise in a specific field of dentistry. Majority of people are familiar with a general dentist as this is the expert they consult on a daily basis, e.g. their yearly check-up. Then there are other dentists like specialist dentists, orthodontists, who treat patients with a certain problem. Many dentists are self-employed where they have duties for receptionists, dental nurses, technicians, and dental hygienists.

Some of the categories of dentists are mentioned-below:

  • General dentists
  • Specialist Dentists
  • Cosmetic dentists
  • Endodontists
  • Orthodontists
  • Prosthodontists
  • Periodontists

Role of a General Dentist
Experts who provide primary care for the majority of basic dental requirements such as routine cleanings and bi-annual checkups are considered as General Dentists. These dentists manage a broad variety of dental treatments and complaints which range from check-ups to fillings, root canal treatment, and crowns. They also execute extractions whenever needed.

Some people take them as a family dentist who caters to the requirements of patients of every age group; from kids to the elderly. These general dentists advise about preventative actions like the need for oral hygiene, good nutrition, and six-monthly check-ups that assist in maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

When to Visit?
If you experience oral problems like gum diseases and root issues below your gum line, then it is suggested to consult a trusted general dentist. They are known to guide you through the process of braces, false teeth, mouth guards, and various other oral treatments. General dentists are the healthcare practitioner that you see the most as they monitor the health of your mouth, neck and head to ensure there are no serious problems.

Role of a Specialist Dentist
Basically, a specialist is a general dentist who has finished extra postgraduate training. By completing substantial training in their selected field, they focus essentially on carrying out certain processes. They are meant to deal with the diagnosis, causes, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases and injuries of the human dental pulp or the nerve of the tooth.

Moreover, they also perform simple to complex root canal treatments and various other kinds of surgical root processes. If you plan to visit a specialist on your dental chosen plan, perks can vary as per your plan.

Do You Need a Dental Specialist
Determining if you need to see a specialist can be a daunting decision, thus, make it easy by consulting your general dentist first. They will analyse the situation and help you decide if you require an extra level of attention and care or not. Specialists have an essential part to play in the dentistry field as they provide specialized care in different sectors, assuring that the process goes smoothly with your oral care.

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